Frequently asked questions

How much are delivery costs?
The delivery costs vary per country. Look up the delivery costs here. The page "delivery & returns" also shows the minimum order amount for free Squid delivery.
Who pays the delivery costs?
Squid is delivered free of charge above a certain amount. You can see the minimum order amount per country here.
My Squid has blisters
Blisters or air bubbles sometimes appear when there is too much tension on the fabric. To help fix this problem, pull your Squid away from the window until there...
I want to install Squid but don't have a squeegee?
Yes. You can also use a plastic ruler, a small cutting board or a rounded spatula. Make sure your equipment is always clean and doesn't have any sharp edges that...
Can I get Squid in any size?
No. Squid is only produced in rolls that are 130cm wide. The self-adhesive fabric comes with a backing layer with small squares printed on it, so it's easy to cut...
Will I damage my glass when I cut Squid?
No, glass is harder than the knife. This is also the reason why you always need to use a new blade (break off or replace the old one): cutting the fabric on the...
Can I stick my Squid again?
Yes, you can stick Squid up to twenty times. Make sure you always keep the adhesive side of Squid clean and only stick the fabric to dry, clean surfaces. Grease,...
Is Squid removable?
Yes, Squid can be removed without any permanent traces. There might be some glue residue on the window but you can easily wash it off.